Assalammualaikum :)

Tengah tengah malam ni, banyak pulak data yg otak ni proses. So many things goin on inside this tiny little brain of mine.

The main reason harini cuma nak brag pasal sahabat. Friends. Tipu lah kalau kata korang tak perlu kan sorang kan, just who the h*ll in this world doesnt need a friend. I bet they're lonely. But, having no friends is better than having a fake one. Seriously :')

For me, this past years.. i get to know these people, i fell in love with them. Their kindness, their caringness and their 'willingness' in accepting my flaws.

♥ Sze hui - My lovely sister ! You've been a great companion to me all these years in olahraga or out. Theres smtg in you makes me so comfortable to tell anything to you. Your blurrness, clumsiness are such a happiness to me. Never fail to make me laugh all the time. You're my best companion in doing weird stuff too. Although you act like an adult sometimes, deep inside you i can see a little girl struggling only. Haha.

♥ Richelle - I didnt really know u for a long time, but all this while your personality catch my attention. Your brightness, and ur understanding is very ' tak ternilai'. The way you act, makes everyone comfortable to be around you. No fake ness. Heyy (!) Lets continue.being weird together. Lmao. I just hope our friendship remains eternity.

♥ Vithya - I kenal you lama dah kan kaka :) You je yang selalu i bodoh bodohkan, and you never got angry with that. You're like a clumsy mother to me. Hahaha. Vithya, dun change cause i love you just the way you are now. Tho you banyak talk nonsense, everytime~ But..act that what makes you special..

♥ Effri - Weh manusia ! Sembilan tahun dah kita b'kawan. Thanks untuk apa yang kau buatkan utk aku sepanjang masa ni. I wont find anyone else like you in this world. Kau ibarat diary aku tau. Kat kau je lah aku cerita sampai menangis teresak esak.. Kau jugak lah tempat aku nak marah2, bila frust. Terima kasih sudi jadi sahabat aku.. You're one in a zillion /ooopps/  lmao

Conclusion ...?
Saya sayang sahabat saya. Whatever happened in future, there wont be anything that can break our 'family bond'. I learn lots of stuffs from you guys ♥

사랑해, 친구야♥-_